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Nayla Vacca started dancing Tango in 2001 along with Fernando Sanchez, in the classes of their teacher Alfredo Maldonado. Fernando later  became her first partner, and from that moment on her career in Tango began: They performed for four consecutive seasons at “La Casona del Teatro” - theatre of the Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires- with the show "Tango, Ciudadano del mundo" of the tango company La Maquina, toured around the world from 2004, working in different cities of Brazil, Italy, England, Switzerland,Germany, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Greece, teaching classes, workshops and performing both at milongas and international tango festivals. They were also part of the Olga Besio Ballet, working along other outstanding dancers like Federico and Ariadna Naveira(2008-2009).They have also worked at several milongas of Buenos Aires, among them:Salon Canning Parakultural, Club Sunderland, Confitería Ideal with Unitango,Porteño y Bailarín, and many more, also performing along the Orchestras Sans Souci, Las del Abasto, La Tubatango and Contratiempo. (2004-2008).

After separating from Fernando in 2009, Nayla danced briefly with many other renowned dancers: Ricardo Maceiras, " El Pibe Sarandí", Federico Naveira, Paulo Bidart and Cristian Sosa .

In 2009 she paired with Alejandro Hermida, with whom she worked until July 2011. With him, they toured through Italy, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Hong Kong among other countries, also teaching and performing. Among the highlights of their union were being guest judges and performers at the “IV Festival Vientos de Tango" in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina”, and the participation in June 2010 in the “1°Festival Estilo Parque Patricios” in the city of Buenos Aires.

She has also been working alongside Inés Muzzopappa. Their latest conception, "Seminario Femenino"-a workshop based not only on the technical work, but also on the developement of the female role from an active role, both physically as philosophically-has been acclaimed both in Buenos Aires and in Europe.

During the last 10 years, she has studied Tango with the following Masters: Alfredo Maldonado, Olga Besio, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Gustavo Naveira, Luciana Valle, Fernando Galera & Vilma Vega, Rubén y Sabrina Véliz, Gabriel Angió & Natalia Games, and Nito & Elba, to name a few.

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